• Bluegum is the exclusive supplier of B & D Accredited Dealers Branded Merchandise and Apparel.
  • The online store has been designed as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for B & D Accredited Dealers to purchase approved B & D Accredited items and arrange efficient, high quality co-branding of selected items and gifts personalised with individual business logos.
  • Only current members of B & D Accredited Dealers program are approved to purchase and utilise B & D Accredited material.
  • All online orders will incur a flat fee of 16.50 Inc. GST to cover postage and handling charges, irrespective of the number and quantity of items ordered at one time. Where possible please order goods in bulk to minimise charges.
  • Please allow 10 working days for delivery of standard B & D Accredited items. Delivery times for co-branded goods will vary and will be confirmed prior to order placement.
  • The B & D Accredited Dealers online store is managed by Bluegum and any inquiries should be directed to Scott Nation at or Phone 03 8873 4444.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.